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    Interesting blog idea people.

    I’m a practising GP originally from the UK. Arrived in Perth in 2006 and now work as professor of health innovation at Curtin university. We are developing or testing a series of innovations, not just in general practice but also in other disciplines in primary care. Very happy to share some ideas but also involve others who may have an innovative bent. I edit the Australasian Medical Journal ( Might be a useful place to start a serious dialogue on specific questions perhaps stary a special series on ‘bright ideas’. Over the past two years we have run a series of special editions involving designers and engineers, social scientist and policy makers. This might be a great forum to present some ideas but also get comments from other disciplines. For example we have had papers from IDEO.

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    Mark Caldwell

    Hi Moyez,

    Thanks for your comment and for providing us with another link in our exploration of health innovation. Interesting that prior to 2006 you practiced in the UK, one thing we are currently looking at and plan to discuss at our next GP Think Lab is international primary healthcare systems with a focus on UK patterns of healthcare.

    We would be happy to exchange some of the innovations tabled at our inaugural and perhaps bring some of your innovations along to the next Think Lab. Think Lab members thought it would be beneficial to bring along a GP guest speaker next time to get them to share some success stories with the group. If you are interested we could possibly hook up a videoconference with you and share some of the successes out there in primary care. We would be delighted to maintain a dialogue with you and remain in regular contact.


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