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    Rocket Rocket

    The saddest part of this story is that it is deja vu. This has been happening intermittently for decades. A lot of noise is made about it, promises are made, and then after a few “death free” years everyone moves on – until tragedy strikes again.

    It would seem that one of the biggest impediments to seeking help is that the young doctors would be seeking help within their own system and are too ashamed to do so. I understand that in Victoria the Victorian Doctors Health Program was created specifically to mitigate this problem. So then possibly very disturbing for them that these deaths all occurred in Victoria.

    Sadly when this all “blows over” I’m sure the next crop of young doctors will be in the same boat.

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    I have a relative who is a young female doctor in the public hospital system. She works horrendous hours often on weekends. She is assigned holiday times, usually 2 weeks each six months allotted at random. She finds it impossible to develop relationships as she doesn’t have the time or energy. Furthermore she has to contend with insidious sexism that is sutle but effective.

    It doesn’t surprise me that young Doctors suicide and I am always worry about her. It is most disturbing to be talking about the problems at work to have sit in front of you with tears rolling down her cheeks as she describes the injustice of the whole system.


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