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    Whilst it is commendable to be concerned about “doing more harm than good to the general population”, I feel you are not taking one important factor into account: the simplicity and sensitivity of a pelvic ultrasound scan to detect suspicious ovarian lesions.
    Whilst the range of symptoms is indeed vague, and some of them likely to encompass at least 50% of the population, a simple transvaginal ultrasound is all that is needed to elucidate an ovarian mass lesion.
    This test takes approximately 20 minutes to perform and does not use ionising radiation to acquire its images. Although it is relatively low-specificity ( mass lesions are easily found, but not able to be categorised as malignant by appearance), it is the best available test to allow the patient and their physician to plan a further course of action, such as laparoscopy or biopsy.
    I feel it is rather simplistic to raise concerns about an information campaign, as if that campaign is the only approach to diagnosis in the field of ovarian pathology. As a practising medical sonographer, I feel you could have approached this important subject with better reference to the excellent diagnostic tools we have at our disposal.


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