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    It seems some of the $220 million for more school chaplains will come from taking an axe to the the Better Access (psychologists) initiative. This initiative was launched in 2006, allowing general members of the public to access a psychologist under the Medicare scheme. Up to 12 individual services in a calendar year will be dropped (to six.?)

    Do others read the budget this way?

    Psychologists charge about $150 per hour session, most charge the ‘scheduled’ fee. Psychiatrists charge over $350; almost none charge the scheduled fee.
    The number of visits to psychiatrists is not capped by Medibank.
    So Mental Health treatments based on a hurried 45min interviews and powerful psychiatric drugs are preferred to long term counselling ?

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    melbourne counsellor

    Many thousands of highly trained and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists are again being discriminated against by being excluded from this scheme reserved for psychologists, many of which have no counselling training! Alarmingly, it is the public who miss out. Will the Govt ever wake up and understand that prevention is better than management and invest in funding for members of pacfa.


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