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    Belinda Bailey

    Thank you for this story.
    I have been a part of NDIS since the mental health testing.
    Overall my health has nose dived.
    I used to be able to deal eventually with issues now I get sick n hide more.
    I got told I need to be positive Ndis is great opportunity.
    People have no clue.
    I get told to be paitient understand that they rolled out nationally have over
    Load of applications and not enough staff. WTH? Don’t take in more people if you can’t supply the ones you already have!!!
    Is was on a peer review board I kept pointing out issues that were being ignored. I was called negative n disaster creating, but I actually understand organisational design and functionality. Something that continues to be lacking wi th the NDIS.

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    Unhappy Camper

    I Googled : NDIS has caused a mental health condition

    Brought me to your article, it’s good btw

    … Back to my search


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