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    I read on my strepsils today that there was no evidence that they helped stop bacteria throat infections.

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    The latest marketing news confirms the business sense of corporate initiatives such as ‘health-washing the junk’ and contributing to worthy causes, such as campaigns to combat hunger. Marketing info site reports that a Cone LLC survey has found strong support among US consumers for ’cause branding’, with support particularly high among mothers and younger consumers. The findings show that: 85% of respondents have a more positive view of a brand if it supports a cause they care about; 90% would like firms to keep them informed about the causes it supports; and
    80% of customers would switch from a brand that does not support a cause to one that does, provided the two products are of similar quality and are sold at a similar price. And what about food & beverage brands? Around 82% of Americans think it is important for food and beverage brands to support social or environmental causes.


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