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    One of the biggest issues for individual health is our belief and faith in the so called “professionals”. We trust doctors or health professional implicitly, believing that “they know best” even though they have never lived in our own bodies. The philosophy that the body is a machine is a very limited way of viewing our health. This results in externally applied standards e.g. the diet sheet and RDI numbers, and we loose are ability to know and choose for our own bodies.

    Clare Mann
    Psychologist Sydney NSW

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    I gather the impression that its all about the lowest common denominator and keeping us down. while billions are spent channeling people who are out of work into useless case management that channels them into dead end short term jobs and into courses for essentially unskilled work, while those who want tertiary quals have to pay for their own books and when young, can’t get full benefits as of right, regardless of parental means, when being away from home to study. I was denied root canal by a public dental system. Despite our rising rates of inactivity and related diseases, it would probably be more beneifical to give those poor folk a gym membership rather than hanging around at a cost of billions at some useless “employment service” just to be shunted into the dead end jobs that you don’t want your kids to do. I am formerly of a very high SES family but am talked down to constantly and there is no sensitivity or respect, and services received are not culturally appropriate, for example through public housing I live in substandard and undersized accommodation. My former family disapproved of my change of gender among other things, and society only had places for me to do the jobs nobody wanted, despite having had around 90 in my HSC (non-govt school), and never had the opportunity to attend a city university. Whenever you want to do anything, whats a small barrier to a nuisance to the well-off is a big barrier to the underclass. If I even find the system, charities, NGO’s, lazy public master-wannabe servants a labyrinthine, secretive and hostile system then what do others make of it. Why give cheap rooms to derros and hold back those like me………………. we should be encouraging the poor, those who are capable anyway, of aiming for the stars and heaping on them the generosity…………….. or do we want to keep some spots open for the mediocre kids of the rich or sychophantic imported drones.


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