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    john smith

    While I support nuclear disarmament, I think it is right to ask what would have happened if the two nuclear bombs had not been dropped on Japan. Casualty estimates for the proposed US military operations against the Japanese mainland were in the order of hundreds of thousands for the US side alone ( I would have more respect for the Japanese anti-nuclear lobbyists if they, like the Germans, acknowledged their country’s past aggression and war crimes rather than maintaining a policy of denial and censoring their school textbooks. Until then, the major nuclear power that is China, which suffered 20 million deaths under Japanese occupation, will prove hard to persuade on nuclear disarmament.

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    Peter Karamoskos

    The lesser evil argument as justification for the nuclear attack on Japan has more than just a whiff of self-serving propaganda about it. Declassified documents show that the Japanese were pursuing a surrender for six months before the bombing, conditional on the Japanese throne being preserved. The US rebuffed them insisting that it should be unconditional. The rest is history. The ultimate surrender conditions included preserving the throne anyway. The USA was keen on preserving Japanese institutions to the extent that Japan could rapidly become a bulwark against the Soviet Union and thus a means by which the USA could enhance its strategic influence. One can speculate about the purpose of the bombing (a demonstration of strategic might against the Soviet Union, militaristic hubris?) but the facts show it wasn’t to preserve US lives or hasten the end of the war.

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    mal lakis

    So if we remove the Nucs globally and we rid the world a “safer” place what will they use for posturing and shield beating ?

    What will places like Israel use to defend its policy against the 1.5m people imprisoned in the ghetto/Palestine.

    What will the Nth Koreans use to keep its people enslaved ?

    What will small rising dictators have on their Shopping list ?

    Think of the people we keep employed and making new shiny bombs, what will they do?


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