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    Roger Clifton

    Experts speaking from the areas of their expertise about climate change are going to be significant voices as the climate crisis develops.

    We do need you medics to be speaking about the suffering caused by heatwaves, storms, drought, famine and epidemics. Your profession gives you authority and your authoritative statements will add significant weight among the voices.

    However if you include issues outside your expertise, you are likely to be contradicted and your credibility dismissed. For example, to say that we should ban coal allows someone to say, why not ban natural gas? Similarly to say that 100% renewables can save us, is just asking for someone to say why not nuclear? Then your voice is just one among the hubbub.

    Similarly, to include cardio, bronchitis and obesity confuses your message. An underconfident reader is likely to say, I won’t buy into all that stuff, and doesn’t listen to your climate message either.

    The greenhouse needs you to speak simply, clearly and accurately about climate issues where you know what you’re talking about. Otherwise you risk being dismissed as just some more hippies, chanting about peace, love and solar power.


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