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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    Please note correction on the post:

    When I wrote “Dr Steve Hamilton” in my post-budget Friday night fug, of course I meant to write “Dr Steve Hambleton”.

    Apologies to Dr Hambleton for the glitch.

    And thanks to Croakey reader, Justine Caines, for taking the time to email to point out the error.

    Croakey is very much a part-time effort, squeezed around multiple other commitments. I am usually racing to put up posts without as much time as I’d like for checking and proofing.

    And I don’t have the benefit of a sub-editor to check my copy – so I do sincerely appreciate readers who take the time to point out errors.

    You can either email me, or post a comment directly.

    Thanks for reading…and for correcting..


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