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    ron batagol

    Yes, indeed, the problem is that we DO live in the real world. Look, anyone with half a brain understands and supports any reasonable drive to enhance healthy eating habits in the community. BUT the public/private partnership is a reality of the world in which we live, is all around us and by and large works fairly well! The sort of money that supports schools, many health initiatives and programmes, and sports (yes even the Olympics) won’t come from other sources- taxpayers won’t fully fund these ventures, so using private funding in addition makes sense. And, how far do you want to go? Would you shut down the wonderful work done by Ronald McDonald Houses because they arose and are driven by that ubiquitous multinational? I think not!! At the end of the day, it is the parents who need to set boundaries, lead by example, and teach their kids that in the real world all sorts of enticing “bad influences” abide to tempt them to stray from a health lifestyle- we won’t achieve it by draconian legislation or “nanny state” coddling!!

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    Frank Campbell

    Ron: this isn’t about “public/prviate partnership”- it’s about corporate infiltration. Corporations use the Olympics etc as advertising, and exercises in hypocrisy like “Ronald McDonald” to disguise the damage they do and the profit they extract. Most of these “benefits” are small change for big corporations.

    For me, the invasion of the Royal Childrens’ Hospital in Melbourne twenty years ago by McDonalds was the last straw. Pure evil.

    Flying around the USA in the mid-80s in commuter aircraft showed me the future: gross obesity waddling down the aisle…the fear that each great fat mass might crash into the little seat next to you…the stentorous breathing…the impossibility of climbing out to have a piss…the struggles of your neighbour to rise and let you escape…

    Don’t give me crap about the “nanny state”, Ron…the state is complicit in the obesity epidemic. Trendy Tory Boris Johnson ostentatiously on his bike while fat rules the Olympics…a perfect expression of corporatism’s absurdity.

    been to Britain lately? My once trim compatriots are now lardarses…good news for Big Pharma, eh Ron?

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    Bill Parker

    For once I find myself in complete agreement with Frank Campbell. I work in a scientific area looking at finding “markers” for pre-clinical indicators of obesity or “diabesity” as its becoming known.

    I’d shut down McDonalds and the like. We’d get a better result for our public health dollar if we did.

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    It is intriguing that the likes of KFC, Hungry Jacks and Pizza hut are rarely mentioned in the media as purveyors of junk food. Frankly, cooking a chicken under high pressure in boiling oil does not yield a healthy product. Nor does stuffing a pizza crust with cheese.
    Is it cynical to suggest that this constant reference to McDonalds is in fact encouraged by the company itself as just another means of advertising their ‘food’.

    Ron, you are correct in apportioning the blame in part to the parents, however the pervasive nature of the saturation promotion within schools and institutions is offensive, and on this, I agree with Frank.


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