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    Rosemary Stanton

    Great to see the mouth finally being accepted as part of the body. Imagine the outcry if we excluded foot or arm injuries or problems with ears from Medicare.

    ACT Labor’s promise for cash grants to install water fountains in schools that stop selling sugary drinks is also an excellent move. If that occurred throughout the country, and included all soft drinks (even the artificially sweetened ones present a hazard to dental enamel because of their acidity), it’s likely that the federal government’s contribution for children’s dental costs might go down.

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    Smith David

    Yet another poliy announcement announcing new funding shortly after a backflip on previous policies that will reduce funding to the budget. While they trumpet their new policy they deride the previous Abbott / Howard chronic Disease scheme.
    The new policy will contribute $4billion over 6 years (about$670 million per year) for children aged 2 – 17 years. It gets rid of the Chronic Disease Scheme thats costing 80 million per month ($960 million per year). Shifting funds from one needy group to another is not a solution but a bandaid.
    Extra funds will be directed towards the Public Health Sevices that have proven to be totally inept and mired in beauracracy. In Queensland (since the Rockingham incident) all steralisation is not performed at the Public Health Clinic but at central hospitals requiring extra equipment because of the 2-3 day turn around to get steralised equipment back. This is despite the clinics having Class B autoclaves. I understand that because of this steralisation rule in Cairns the one day per month a local Orthodontist provides to treat eligible public children required an additional $25000 of equipment (hand tools).
    There is no doubt that something needs to be done however initial contact with children and their mother at 6 months by a health sister to explain the deleterious effects of foods and a concerted effort by the Government to require plain packaging on all confectionary, soft drinks and sugar containing foods would go a long way to reinforcing the health message to what is the largest preventable chronic disease in Australia today

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    Thank you Melissa.
    Real journalism.


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