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    What about the fact that pharmacists can block another pharmacy within 1.5km of them. This is an outrageous monopoly which has caused a minority of pharmacy owning pharmacists to become multimillionaires. This closed shop restriction should be stopped at once.

    Furthermore the pharmacists who have benefited from this rule should be forced to pay compensation to Australian consumers and taxpayers for having this benefit.

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    ron batagol

    Re: the protracted PBS deferrals by the Cabinet-Todays’s news-At long last Cabinet finally listening to their own expert PBAC & releasing life-saving PBS additions embargoed for 6 months- -(This Govt- with a record of inflammable insulation, million dollar tuck shops etc.!- you want intelligence here!-give us a break! go buy a guide dog- at least it can follow expert instructions!! lol!!

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    Scott Clark

    Yes, you are right that growth in PBS expenditure and the subsequent pressure on growth in spending was noted in paper recently released by Senator Wong as background to the upcoming tax forumhow current issue affect the pharmaceutical benefits scheme policies


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