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    roberts janet

    how can we penalise the aged who have worked all their lives, funded their own retirement and who have never held their hands out to the government. The aged care ‘business’ is wholly designed to relieve these people of their money. I am disgusted at the idea that we ‘means test’ support for people to remain in their own homes. As a doctor, I regularly visit nursing homes – the staff work hard with very little, the residents are largely very unwell. If I were an elderly person with my faculties intact but with some difficulty managing some of the activities of daily living (charmingly acronymed ADLs) I would be horrified at being given no choice but to go to a nursing home thanks to the current aged care package. Where is the reward for working hard your whole life and contributing to the future of this country. All assets lost in attaining the place, no independence, no respect.


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