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    Andrew Male

    What about those of us who choose alcohol as a way of making self-euthanasia more pleasant?
    What if we don’t want to die at 90, unable to wipe our own arses?
    What if we don’t have highly paid jobs telling everyone else how to become a long-drain on our society and community?
    Stop the moralism. Happy to pay the price, happy to sign off. Really pissed off about a bunch of jerks making $250k pa trying to change humans.

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    Kate Sommerville

    I stopped drinking alcohol more than 35 years ago because of the impact on my life. For a whole range of reasons, including heredity, I had no real defences against problem use and realised that alcohol and mind-changing drugs were not an option for me.

    Alcohol use is so embedded in Australian society now that I doubt that preventative messages really work. I think we should still have them, however, so that people who are seeking and open to information can make informed choices.

    People find their own pathways through the alcohol maze and eventually learn to regulate themselves.

    Having said that, I think there could be better regulation to create safe spaces and less availability. Do we need 24 hour access to alcohol? Do we need the alcohol barns in the inner city areas? Do we need all the packaged liquor outlets that are springing up everywhere in the suburbs?

    We do need better access to detox and treatment services for people who want to stop.

    And perhaps we need to re-explore the joys of life without alcohol and other mind-changing drugs. There are lots of creative options like sport of all kinds, and other sorts of recreation. The more I hear about education these days the more I suspect that we don’t really learn much about how to manage life. But I could be wrong!

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    Kate Sommerville

    @Andrew Male – rites and rights of passage?

    It is ironic that Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but also a country where drinking and gambling are seen almost as inalienable rights by Governments, corporations and citizens.


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