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    Hanoi Hilton

    The coca cola conspiracy is so well presented by Dr. Robert Lustig from Uni of California in the high rating You tube video, Sugar, the bitter Truth, see link below. All the food processors know that sugar, used as a preservative in their atrocious products, shortens life by 15-20 years. But government is too scared to tackle the obesity crisis at its source so the coca cola conspiracy will unfortunately prevail and continue to make public health care unaffordable and allow the suite of metabolic diseases to proliferate to the point that children will die before their parents.

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    George Lasserre

    I am writing my university thesis on communication in the 21st century and saw you article criticising Coca-Cola for communicating their actions to doctors. It raised the following questions…

    Do you not have the “Freedom of Speech in Australia”.
    Aren’t people allowed to communicate and share opinions? Is is because you are all descended from criminals?


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