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    Dan Dair

    A valid point,
    Why not advocate solar-farms too.?
    At a distance, a solar farm doesn’t look much different to a glasshouse farming site.

    Tax breaks for PROVEN renewable technologies should be high on the agenda, and
    A commitment to run-down coal-fired power stations to the end of their useful lives should be made.

    Tax concessions should also be made available for Australian businesses to bring prototype renewable technologies on-stream for large-scale evaluation.
    Just because the business is currently led from overseas doesn’t mean there is no home-grown talent.

    Additionally, there needs to be a future-proofing plan to put in place cleaner-burn technology for a limited amount of coal-fired energy, complete with carbon-capture and research into the capture of sulphur & other noxious gases.
    Victoria HAS coal, it would be stupid not to retain it as a back-up system, but it would be equally stupid not to ensure that the next generation of coal-fired stations are massively more efficient & equally less polluting.

    Renewables usually rely on weather. Weather can be fickle.
    Retaining some coal generation capability is a far better plan to fill any gaps than developing nuclear power.

    The balance from the old technology is changing, but there’s still an economic & technological need to see coal retained, but brought up to 21st century standards.


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