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    Anne Corkill

    Our Watch,
    Do you presently have any First Nations women employed by the organisation, and if not will you actively seek to engage a dedicated Aboriginal co chair in order to truly act in a inclusive and respectful way.
    Will you actively get out to communities to educate yourselves around the unique set of issues confronting Aboriginal women and girls?
    Please take in fully what you’re being asked to do by our Aboriginal tiddas, they are the most discriminated against people in this country and are merely asking to be acknowledged and accepted

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    Cath South

    The request I heard was clear. Our Watch must appoint an Indigenous woman as co-chair. Has this happened? Only when power is shared can change happen.

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    Mark Tregonning

    I just had a look at the Our Watch Ambassadors from their website and counted:
    – 17 living ambassadors (and 1 deceased)
    – 5 male ambassadors (3 who appear to be white)
    – 0 women identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander

    This is not a great look Our Watch…


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