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    Jon Hunt

    You can refer to my comment on the previous post. If nurses are trained specifically to perform a task competently and safely, why not let them do that? It is not useful or desirable to have a “I’m better than you” sort of attitude. I mean, the only reason a doctor has a greater knowledge than a nurse is because of training, and not necessarily an intrinsic ability. Given the right kind of rigorous training to perform a particular role (doesn’t matter what role, I’m talking generically here) there is no reason why a nurse couldn’t perform some duties of a doctor. Provide dthat some of this training involves the recognition of competency. Which it must. Much like what a doctor receives. Would a surgeon manage an AMI? Would a physician look after appendicitis? I’d hope not! With general training it is not hugely difficult to recognise what you can or can’t do.


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