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    Jillian Horton

    Croakey seems to have become just a mouth piece for Dr Rosenbergs opinion. How about getting some other perspectives and not faulting to lazy journalism and using only one psychiatrists point of view in mental health care.

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    Colin Penter

    The point Gillian makes about the need for Croakey to present more diverse and multiple perspectives and views on mental health is a good one. Personally, I always value Sebastian Rosenberg’s contribution and his analysis of mental health policy & practice & service pathways, whilst recognising that his is one singular view. Jillian I would be interested in knowing what your concerns are about Sebastian Rosenberg’s piece? I would also encourage Croakey to commission and seek out a diversity of views and perspectives on the current situation in mental health from front line practitioners and people with lived experience. There are a diversity of perspectives and experiences in the mental health sector that are often not heard in public debates.

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    Valerie Gerrand

    A quick comment. Whilst he is not a mental health clinician by background, Dr Rosenberg has had a long-standing interest and experience in mental health reform, especially at the Commonwealth level, and I always respect his opinion.

    His recent series comparing mental health service systems across different countries was invaluable in identifying different approaches and their relative effectiveness.

    The questions he raises in his current Croakey article are important and need urgent attention – for example, whether the costly Better Access program is cost-effective in reaching those most in need.

    One minor correction – Dr Ruth Vine is a psychiatrist, not a psychologist. She was previously the Victorian Chief Psychiatrist.

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    Melissa Sweet

    Melissa Sweet

    Croakey commissioned Sebastian Rosenberg to do a series of articles for us, reporting on a seminar series on global mental health issues arising from the COVID pandemic. You can read the series here: We are grateful that he made this probono contribution for our readers who otherwise may not have had the chance to hear diverse perspectives from around the world. This is why we have published so many articles from him lately. Readers who care to check our archives of stories on mental health will see that we publish a wide range of authors, from diverse perspectives: I also recommend checking our Croakey Conference News Service coverage of the VMIAC conference in 2019: And the mental health and ageing summit: And of the Equally Well symposium: Also see the coverage of the Lowitja conference and some excellent discussions about wellbeing:


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