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    Dufa Wira

    Thanks Dr Tate, I feel your pain.

    Fascism is a form of capitalist, authoritarian, racist and ultra-nationalist government characterised by the forcible suppression of opposition and the regimentation of society.

    Austraila set out on the path to Facism in earnest with the defeat of our first and only socialist government in December 1949.

    The appeal of socialist good government must surely resonate with members of the public health community now, observing Cuba, Kerala and Vietnam. Good government is the key.

    Facism cannot provide good government, and nor can civic capitalism. Both are predicated on ignoring and not accounting for, the realms of out social and environmental wealth.

    Socialist good government is hard to do, but as Cuba, Kerala and Vietnam demonstrate: it is possible. Chifley charted a path to a socialist Australia and it is still possible. It will require socialism with Australian characteristics – a fair go for all – and it will take shutting down Pine Gap. Whitlam fell at that post. Who indeed will take up the challenge?


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