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    Sarah Mills

    I think the problem with vaccines is the lack of debate. Unfortunately, there are a small percentage of the population who, for one, suffer febrile convulsions from vaccines (my brother was one, and our doctors at the time confirmed it and advised us not to vaccine other family members for whooping cough – that wouldn’t happen in this day and age). That is why there is a compensation fund in the United States. My brother survived his convulsion which resulted in massive brain trauma. The effects on the family of dealing with such disability were far reaching and tragic – there is no compensation in Australia. There are genuine issues with vaccinations that need to be acknowledged and dealt with as part of public health policy rather than authorities sticking their head in the sand in the fear that it will affect vaccination levels. I am not against vaccinations, but I recognise exemptions are required in some instances. Also, pharmaceutical companies must be held to account to ensure an extremely important pillar of public health policy is not toppled through avarice. This is just plain common sense. It is very difficult to take any commentary seriously that does not at least recognise the very real and well documented side effects of vaccination. As both a doctor and a professor commentating on this area, you should both be fully aware of these issues but instead of acknowledging them in an objective fashion, you have chosen to ignore them (febrile convulsions arising from immunisation are a hard fact), minimise and ridicule people with genuine concerns instead, and dismiss concerns as a system of belief. I would expect better from medical professionals. You could possibly still have included the system of belief argument, if you had have at least professionally acknowledged the real dangers of vaccines. I perceive this article is hopelessly one-sided and will do very little to advance the cause of vaccination in this country. Again, I have carefully vaccinated my children and am not against vaccinations.

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    Free thinker

    Disgusting- excuse me are we Germany or part of the Nazi party? Stopping freedom of speech ? Even if you don’t agree with their good points they have the right to voice them!


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