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    Richard Yin

    I think the current advocacy from the health sector is failing because the health voice is not united. The strength of the vested interest groups preventing climate action is massive. Advocacy seen through the lens of power, has David or perhaps several disparate Davids pitted against Goliath. To succeed we will need the whole health sector united and challenging the government. To succeed we will need to bring the community with us, but that is far more likely if we are united with a common message. It is not just the government that needs to show leadership. Several sections of the health sector also need to show leadership. Sitting disengaged is to be complicit, it is not neutrality. Some of our colleges and medical organisations need to understand that. There is a fork in the road and in 2020, when our emissions are said to have to peak, the whole health sector needs to decide which road they are going to take.


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