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    Tsiry Diton

    A nice profit for Aspen Medical.

    I wonder if there would be enough volunteers from military medical units.

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    Ron Batagol

    In the past 2-3 weeks, I have seen any further reference or comment at all, amongst the media coverage of the ebola crisis, in response to to the very wise and practical comments of Prof.Peter Collignon, one of our leading Infection Control medical experts, on the ABC PM Programme 17th. October,, where he cautioned against taking the unilateral approach of just sending Australian medical and other trained staff to West Africa to help out, as was indeed, being urged in the media day after day by some of the leading members of the Federal Opposition and various Medical Lobby Group spokespeople.
    In that interview Dr.Collignon also urged Australia to take a practical approach and to work under the direct command of a British or European coalition.
    In the recent announcement by the Government, it stated that “Today it said it had received “credible assurances” for in-country treatment and medical evacuation for Australian volunteers who provide health care in West Africa”.
    In my view it was right and proper to wait until such assurances had been given, and I think it is a shame that Prof.,Collignon’s suggestions were swamped by those seeking, instead, to make political points and downplay the importance of having a comprehensive assistance and evacuation programme in place, even it this did take a little more time to achieve.


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