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    Deb O'Kane

    As President of ASPA the representative body for PA’s in Australia, I would like to pass on my congratulations to the JCU graduates. It is an exciting time in Queensland with QH already having employed two PAs and Townsville ED advertising to employ more in the New Year. I would like to also take this opportunity to remind employers that there already has been two cohorts of Masters of Physician Assistant graduates from University of Queensland ready to assist interested doctors. Thank you to Croaky for your coverage of our journey.

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    As an educated layman in the medical area, I see this as a very positive step. A corollary is clearly better informed patients, who can at least explain their symptoms with reasonable clarity, and understand what their treating professional is telling them. Be able to ask intelligent questions, and know when to seek further help if their situation is not improving as expected. We all need to recognize that it is our body and we need to understand, at least at a sound basic level, how it works. Broadening the scope of medical treatment also needs a broadening of patient understanding in my view.


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