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    R. Ambrose Raven

    What is so often missing is a statement of just where Aboriginal people need to be heading, whether spontaneously, by policy, or by government – certainly without hindrance by a ratings-obsessed media “chockers with the pornographies of violence” to quote Philip Adams.

    A prime, central issue that should be raised in the context of every repeat every discussion involving Aboriginal affairs should be that politicians and media – and government agencies –appear utterly disinterested in real improvement of Aboriginal lives. Naturally there is much talk, but never at the risk of putting Aboriginal people first.

    Time after time we have this or that programmes for improvement put forward, but without even a hint of mention of just how they propose to overcome those basic issues like neglect, despair, dreadful housing, unemployment, etc., even though said basic issues are a massive internal barrier to [insert policy/programme here] being effective. Big issues need to come first!

    After all, saying a failure to properly educate children is ‘one of the worst forms of neglect’ not only dismisses the difficulties in doing so faced by families of our most marginalised social group, but also was an important justification for the Stolen Generation.

    So, what changes do Aborigines most want? Which would objectively be the most helpful?


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