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    Lyndal Trevena

    Please note that in my view this ‘lifeline’ does not absolve the government from responsibly funding the ongoing evaluation and monitoring of a major part of our health system (i.e. general practice). We remain mystified and shocked by this announcement. We understand that the Health Minister is keen to ensure that health policy and practice is informed by evidence. We are fortunate in this country to have 18 years of continuous general practice data through BEACH that can inform us into the future only if it keeps running. Without continuity we will fall into the Dark Ages. We hope that the Australian Government will realise their error and quickly correct it. We look forward to working with them on finding a way to continue to support good quality general practice for Australia’s future through BEACH and other initiatives.

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    Dimity Pond

    I fully support Lyndal’s comments. Without this source of evidence, which I myself have used countless times in lectures, talks to GPs, GP registrars, undergraduate medical students and others, we will fall back into the “dark ages”. The BEACH team have done a fantastic job of producing evidence based data about GP consultations for many years. WE can build on this data. WE can use it to evaluate policy and other changes to the health system affecting General Practice. WE need it if we are going to produce further evidence based change to further the health of all Australians. Remember that well over 80% of the Australian population see their GP each year. There are over 130 million GP consultations a year in Australia – Contributing to health promotion, prevention, chronic disease management and every aspect of the health of individuals, families and the community. For only 10% of the health budget. WE need evidence to continue to improve this sector.


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