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    Gavin Mooney

    Nice one Jon Altman on what is such an important issue. There really needs to be much more focus on what to do rather than this next-to-useless information which may make politicians feel good about themselves but I don’t think that is what public policy ought to be about. The idea that the extent of sickness (need) should be the basis of funding is quite bizarre. Funding should be about efficiency which involves both effectiveness and costs of interventions. Funding according to the size of the problem is a truly odd way to see things. It needs to be about what good can be done.

    Two other issues.

    1. In this sort of work, there seems to be little or no consideration of the extra cost of overcoming the additional (e.g. cultural) barriers faced by Aboriginal people. Overcoming these cultural barriers needs to be addressed.

    2. More fundamentally, why is the PRODUCTIVITY Commission wheeled out to do this sort of work? They seem to be the fallback or fall guys of government for virtually everything in policy that moves. For example disability policy went to them and as a PRODUCTIVITY Commission they came up with a ‘solution’ based on market principles.


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