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    This is not a bicycle advocacy organisation as I know it. They are streets away from the actions of the London Cycling Campaign, for example, whcih actually listens to the membership, protests government policies actively, and actually supports commuters over leisure cyclists. This Coca Cola debacle is worse than the commercial linkup that BV (and wasn’t that a better name?) had with Subaru, a car manufacturer, a few years ago, or their endorsement of the ‘no bikes on peak trains’ rule that was fleetingly introduced and then rescinded after protest from us, not from them. As numerous posts on Melbourne Cyclist and on other outlets remind us, BV is not really a helpful player in the war on the streets that is cycling in Melbourne – lots of partnerships, charity rides, and so forth but as a peak body, they let down a section of the membership that is most concerned with overturning the exisiting norms in cities, not caving in to them. And yes I do mean helmet laws and excessive penalisation of riders though fines, not just advocacy to return the state bike budget (which is one thing BV did have a go at). In the same way that the LCC in London went up against the national CTC, perhaps we need another organisation with a bit more credibility and fighting spirit. Coca Cola. Really.


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