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    Heather Gale

    All major parties have made promises to support breastfeeding this election through supporting the ongoing work of the Human Milk Banks. Nice, and much appreciated! The milk has to come from somewhere though…oh that’s right…human mummies who are breastfeeding! What is going to happen to Milk Banks and the babies whose lives will be saved by the milk donated, if less and less mummies are breastfeeding? World wide, the WHO has reported that less than 45% of the world’s babies are being given breastmilk, in Australia we are doing a bit better then that, but this deteriorates after leaving hospital due to inconsistent health professional support, and the power of the formula companies. Step up major political parties…make the change, fund a national breastfeeding strategy, including a national health promotion program that will influence education curriculums across Australia. We have done it before…#slipslopslap; #lifebeinit;#quit(smoking), future little Australians have a right to their human potential! Breastfeeding can make that happen, oh and it will help save the planet…WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO BE HEARD?


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