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    Ian Cheong

    Try making sense of a government prescription form. Your mission – to figure out if you need a new script or not. What you need to know is that the pharmacy computer prints out on a government issue piece of paper how many repeats you have and how many times you have had your pills dispensed. So the actual number of scripts you start with is the number of repeats +1. You will know you have one script remaining went Repeats=5 and Dispenses=5. The script is valid for 12 months, so you have to check if it is 12 months from the original date of writing. Multiply that by the number of bits of paper you get for a list of drugs and you get a wad as fat as a wallet full of bills.

    If you were over 75 and had a wad of them to wade through, you could tear your hair out. Or else you could let the pharmacist or doctor waste their time wading through them for you.

    If some genius in government put their thinking cap on, all your pills could fit on a single A4 or A5 piece of paper with appropriate indications of which ones were running out and when. Life would be easier and we’d even save trees.


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