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    Awesome idea from an academic. Because EVERYONE in a given postcode with an AVERAGE income of $100K must be well off.

    That suggestion is even worse than the current one, less well off people will be forced to take public transport to a cheaper postcode to avoid paying the fee.

    And that means a nice leg up for the spreading of all the bugs they are carrying.

    Probably not what we want really…

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    Tracey Kerr

    While I think the wealthier should pay more, this should be done through the tax system, rather than by means testing co-payment. Means testing the co-payment will lead to undermining support in health care for all, as people will feel resentful paying out of pocket when they are sick, knowing that others aren’t paying.

    It also undermines health care as a human right. We should be covering all people as a country and community. Everyone should receive the health care they need regardless of ability to pay, and they should receive the same level of care (get rid of queue jumping with private health insurance). Everyone should contribute to the cost by their ability to pay through the tax system. We should all be in this together.

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    Ron Batagol

    Not sure how you would go with the community,- “picking winners” by postcode. Standing back and being totally objective and practical, I still think the whole Medicare/Health thing is akin to a sort of “ambit claim”, knowing what negotiations need to take place with the new Senate (and, frankly, why wouldn’t that be the starting point!!). Then they can negotiate so, say, set up rules for exemptions/discounts etc. for chronic &/or low income groups, to minimise flow-on costs and still reduce the overall rise in overall Medicare expenditure, ( and then Govt. come out as a being fiscally responsible but also compassionate.
    We’ll see but that’s how I think it may pan out!!

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    Minstrel, read right to the end, where the author says that even their final suggestion is a poor one compared to many others that should be prioritised.


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