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    steinman max

    My God, this kind of government interference into the workings and properties of the market is the very definition of inhuman!

  2. 2

    morphy richards toaster

    About time – don’t know how this didn’t gain traction when the story about the Federal court’s decision was handed down. Genetic patenting is disgusting.

  3. 3

    wood elijah

    “Legislative changes are urgently needed to stop patents being granted over human genetic material” Are you kidding me! Heard of the Human Genome Project? Made this hysteria redundant over 10 years ago and all the online genetic databases publicly available ever since. I know, I use them.
    The last time you tried to tried this, you nearly knocked out patents to most biomedical therapies including Ian Fraser’s own cervical cancer vaccine, and herceptin, our key breast cancer treatment. Nice one!! Ian wasn’t impressed at all with the proposed changes but I note you mention him above. How are you planning to stuff it up this time?


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