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    Trevor Kerr

    The list of NAAA member organisations includes several that seem to be specifically aimed at control of alcohol consumption. If I was in Govt, wishing to not have to do much in that area, or in the alcohol business, I’d be delighted with that list. It tells me that there is a diffusion of activity.
    Moreover, that ADCA (the “peak body”) was so easily wrapped up suggests it had little clout. Whatever influence that was exercised by ADCA will be quickly cannibalised by other, competing, organisations.
    ANPHA may see itself as the natural “peak body” for getting in the Minister’s ear about harms from alcohol, but isn’t it another organisation in the Govt’s gift?
    Any organisation in the alcohol field that receives funding from Govt ought to be looking at its own cost-benefit analysis. isn’t much help. is pretty good.


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