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    Clive Deverall

    So..the confusion continues but the end point of both the recent studies appears to be that so-called PSA ‘screening’ finds more prostate cancers yet in finding those cancers early does little to reduce the risk of dying from the disease. But amongst the numerous comments following publication is the very surprising one from Dr Otis Brawley, the Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society who said of the data from the European study (in the New York Times):”The test is about 50 times more likely to ruin your life than it is to save your life” Now lets not forget that the American Cancer Society has over the years stubbornly supported PSA screening. They have been the only cancer society in the NGO sector in the western world to support the test. Does this mean they have re-considered? Or is Dr Brawley having a problem persuading his professional colleagues that the time has come to think again?


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