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    ron batagol

    Well summarised by Carol Bennett. Indeed, three of her key points need to be emphasised:
    1. She notes “that the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) approval process is “probably the most robust evidence based process that any government spending must go through”.

    2.”Medicines can save the health budget money through reduced need for other clinical interventions, particularly at the high-cost acute end of the health spectrum.”

    3.”most importantly, the biggest gain is for the improvements in quality of life that these medicines can bring to consumers. And these are actually the sort of decisions that PBAC is best qualified and experienced to assess.”

    However, I also take note of her charitability and tact in referring inter alia to “the undoubted collective wisdom and expertise around the Cabinet table”.

    Well, I guess any Organisation that liaises on a regular basis with the people who control the power and purse strings need to be charitable and diplomatic!

    However since I don’t, I can ask: “collective wisdom?” Come on! Building million dollar tuck shops in schools? Burning up insulation in the ceilings of people’s houses? Building and constructing new super clinics instead of extending the services and expertise of existing primary care medical clinics to better service primary care needs for the chronically ill and keep them out of hospital? Designing an e-Health system that won’t include all the information that is required in an emergency, and allows the consumer to choose what is or is not included?

    Well if that is collective wisdom, I’d hate to see what collective stupidity is!

    Then again, perhaps we’d better ask Lindsay Tanner to expand a little further on just what objective criteria this Government uses to make some of these and other equally profligate and ill-considered decisions!!!!


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