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    Universities are registered as charities and have paid no tax at all of their existence. It’s impossible to define universities as a business because they have never operated like one. Business have paid taxes and employed people who have paid taxes and contributed to society. Universities are supposed to have contributed to society but these universities with multimillion dollar vice chancellor salaries only lined up their pockets. The Larger community did not benefit anything from these universities the local students who studied there were funded by the government. You should look at the real estate development and acquisition the universities have engaged in the last 10 years and then one wonders whether they impart education or are real estate developers. Even then the university researchers are additionally funded by the govt. an entity cannot not pay tax throughout their lives and then claim taxpayer handout also but even so that’s what exactly happening as they have not been completely turned down. One must wonder where is that university surplus cash from their supposed fraudulent export education from international student? The truth is their so called education export revenue is actually negative. The universities are running numbers and been fudging their books ever since so there is negative export revenue. The universities need to fail and reduce their operations by 80 per cent and that’s what the govt policy is exhorting them to do. Post covid Australian universities will be for Australians only and no international student will be admitted and required to be admitted. International students stranded here should go back home as soon as possible.


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