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Episode 11: Latest CroakeyVOICES podcast looks at consumers taking the wheel on the road to healthcare quality

Powerful voices for change at the recent Consumer Health Forum Shifting Gears Summit called for full partnership with clinicians in designing health care into the future – laying the ground for a healthcare system more responsive to patient needs.

In CroakeyVoices’ second dive into the recent summit, we hear about the importance of consumers questioning treatment options and asking for alternatives, examine a UK model of patient/clinician partnership and catch up with how health consumer advocacy is driving change in New Zealand.

The Consumer Health Forum’s first Australasian Summit, with contributions from around Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Canada, focused on how health consumers, with their deeper knowledge of their own conditions, should play a vital role in improving the healthcare system.

CroakeyVoices’ Cate Carrigan explored the themes of health quality and care with a number of keynote speakers and delegates:

• Professor Anne Duggan: Clinical Director at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and Conjoint Professor, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle.

• David Gilbert: Director of In Health Associates, the first Patient Director in the NHS at the Sussex MSK Partnership (Central), and author of “The Patient Revolution – how we can heal the healthcare system”.

• Rosalie Glynn: Chair of the Counties Manukau DHB Consumer Council and consumer representative on the Quality Safety Marker group and the Patient and Whaanau Centred Care Board (PWCC).

• Louisa Wright: Louisa Walsh is a PHD candidate at the centre for Health Communication and Participation at La Trobe University.

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Episode 10: Latest CroakeyVOICES podcast examines Shifting Gears to drive consumer leadership and experience in health care

The Consumers Health Forum’s ShiftingGears Summit, saw over 800 delegates taking part in an energised discussion about the importance of consumer participation in transforming and improving health services.

Consumers spoke up about the need for greater engagement at all levels of health service: from planning to delivery, research and management. They want a healthcare system where patient input isn’t just box-ticking a questionnaire but full partnership, with consumers engaged in every aspect of health delivery – with the conversation moving from what can medical science do to what do you want, why and will it make your life better?

CroakeyVoices spoke to a range of delegates about the opportunities and challenges ahead:

• Vincent Dumez. Codirector of the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public at University of Montreal.

• Kellie O’Callaghan. Consumer advocate. Past chair of a regional health service and involved in a range of state and local health-focused boards and committees.

• Craig Cooper. Consumer advocate and member of the NSW Health Clinical Excellence Commission Consumer Council

• Rosemary Ainley. Editor of CreakyJoints Australia and co-leader of the Young Women’s Arthritis Support Group

• Kelly Foran. Founder Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation and consumer advocate

• Roxxanne McDonald. Consumer Health Forum Board Director and YHF Young leader.

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Episode 9: Latest CroakeyVOICES podcast presents a vision for rural health

While people living in rural and remote parts of Australia have higher rates of heart disease, hospitalisations and poorer access to primary health care services than those in metropolitan areas, the new Rural Health Commissioner Associate Professor Ruth Stewart believes they also have the solutions, tapping into their own talent pool.

Stewart, who lives on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait, and former and inaugural Rural Health Commissioner Emeritus Professor Paul Worley are both passionate advocates of rural health and determined to give local people the power to ensure your health isn’t determined by your postcode.

They spoke to Cate Carrigan from Croakey Voices about their vision for rural health, the impact of COVID-19 and why becoming a rural or remote health worker could be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

• Rural Health Commissioner, Associate Professor Ruth Stewart, former Director of Rural Clinical Training and Support at James Cook University.

• Former Rural Health Commissioner, Emeritus Professor Paul Worley, College of Medicine and Health, Flinders University, South Australia.

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Episode 8: Life and Health ReImagined – COVID19 and finding a better tomorrow

With COVID-19 devastating lives and livelihoods around the globe, health experts are looking for lessons for a better, more equitable tomorrow, where food and job security, people-focused urban design and access to healthcare are not reliant on country of origin, cultural background or postcode.

Over five weeks, VicHealth’s Life and Health ReImagined webinar panels looked at the lessons from the pandemic, investigating urban design, healthier work environments, sustainable food systems and jobs, and how the social determinants of health – housing, income, and location – are intrinsically linked to health outcomes.

CroakeyVoices took up the discussion with panelists, incorporating snippets from panel discussions, to highlights some of the key points and flesh out some of the creative solutions for a better tomorrow.

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Episode 7: Prisons and Pandemic: A Time to Reform?

What are the chances of reform to the prison system in the wake of COVID-19?

In the second of two #CroakeyVOICES podcasts funded by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas, Associate Professor Megan Williams, the Research Lead and Assistant Director of the National Centre for Cultural Competence at The University of Sydney, and Cate Carrigan look at calls for prison reform in the wake of COVID-19.

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For more information on the #JusticeCOVID project, see the stories published to date, read this media statement and follow the news at the #JusticeCOVID Facebook page.

Episode 6: Prisons and the anxiety of the silent invader #JusticeCOVID

Around the world, the novel coronavirus has spread rapidly throughout many prisons, and in Australia prisoners and their families are anxious about the potential threat from outbreaks here, especially for First Nations inmates.

In the first of two #CroakeyVOICES podcasts funded by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas, Associate Professor Megan Williams, the Research Lead and Assistant Director of the National Centre for Cultural Competence at The University of Sydney, and Cate Carrigan look at the impact of the pandemic on prisoners and their families.

We also hear an excerpt from the Ear Hustle Podcast from San Quentin Prison, California.

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For more information on the JusticeCOVID project, read this media statement and follow the news at the #JusticeCOVID Facebook page.

Episode 5: The Second Curve – the risk to mental health


As infection rates decline across Australia and social distancing rules are relaxed, mental health experts are warning of a second wave; a surge in people seeking mental health services. CroakeyVoices speaks to the co-director of the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, Professor Ian Hickie. The Principal Clinical Advisor at the Victorian Responsible Gambling Founding, Tony Clarkson, explains how loneliness, anxiety about the future and social isolation are fuelling a surge in online gambling, and we catch up with the food rescue service OzHarvest about the meeting the needs of people facing loss of work and income during the pandemic.

The free national gamblers’ hotline is available 24/7 on 1800 858 858.

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Episode 4: The Winter Surge – Hospitals Prepare

The curve has flattened, more protective gear is being imported and manufactured locally, and the Federal Government has responded by partially winding back a ban on elective surgery. But will this undermine preparations as head towards winter in the time of COVID-19? Cate talks to peak health organisations concerned about the preparedness of rural and remote services. Alison Verhoeven, Chief Executive of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association, and the CEO of the Rural Doctors Association of Australia, Peta Rutherford, caution against complacency. Meanwhile, the head of the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the NT, John Paterson, says the coronavirus crisis has exposed the underfunding of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Clinics and other remote health services, and calls for more work to improve housing in remote communities, saying it’s key to better health.

Episode 3: Homelessness and the Power of Music

Homelessness in the time of COVID 19 has some special challenges. Who can stay home when you don’t have a place to call your own? How can you keep a safe social distance when life is a day-to-day battle to survive? We hear from the South Australian State Manager of NEAMI, Kim Holmes, about her state’s quick response to the needs of the homeless, and University of South Australia researcher Alison Barrett talks about the national response to date. And the power of music: GP and health blogger Dr Tim Senior speaks of the healing power of his viola and learning the strength of community from his patients at the Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation Community Controlled Health Service in South West Sydney.

Episode2: Journalism Jeopardy and Patient 31 – lessons from South Korea

COVID19 is fuelling a collapse in advertising revenue and placing traditional media companies, already under the strain of digital competitors, at further risk. We talk to journalist, editor and former Google News Initiative Teaching fellow Saffron Howden about the toll on Australian regional publications and how closures and cutbacks are coming at the time communities need their local news information more than ever. And the way the people of South Korea got on board with testing, tracking and tracing of COVID19 infections – is the loss of privacy justified for the public health good? Jinhee Kim, a South Korean public health researcher living in Australia, takes us behind the statistics.

Episode 1: COVID19: Meeting the Challenges

Travel to remote communities to hear the challenges facing Indigenous Australians as the coronavirus threatens to spread throughout the country. We hear from Chips Mackinolty, the executive director, Researcherenye Wappayalawangka, Central Australia Academic Health Science Network. And what does the Federal Government’s multi-million dollar injection into telehealth do for patients and medical practitioners in the face of the outbreak? Hear from Dr Centaine Snoswell, the Centre for Health Services Research, University of Queensland.

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