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    Jenny Haines

    I don’t know about medical students but I know nursing students are now studying primary health care models of care from first year in nursing faculties and students are encouraged as undergrads to experience primary health care models in action in their clinical placements, if placments can be found.

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    Mary Osborn

    Whilst my information comes from Physicians in training, it also relates to medical students as there is good evidence that if medical students do not have a good understanding of the influences of pharmaceutical industry marketing and promotion provided to them in their medical training they will find it difficult later on to change their minds. There is also good evidence too that information provided to medical students on many aspect of the consequences of interactions with the pharmaceutical industry are not done well.

    We have recently completed a survey of awareness of the the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) “Guidelines for Ethical Interactions with Industry” among physicians and physicians in training and we found that physicians in training were less likely to be aware of these guidelines and also more likely to take part in pharmaceutical industry activities that the guidelines and Medicines Australia Code of Conduct suggest advise against.


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