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    Guy Gillor

    Rudolf Virchow, who helped lay some of the foundations to modern public health in the 19th century, is famous for noting that “medicine is a social science, and politics is nothing else but medicine on a large scale”.

    I studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and in Geography, and an Honours in Political Science. The incredible breadth of scope of what I was able to learn in those years is immense, thanks to some amazing lecturers. From the final year of my BA, I knew I was interested in the political aspect of health and health services. When I got to my doctoral thesis, my interest and work became evenly split between social sciences and health, and I had one supervisor from each faculty. I have since worked in the areas of population health / public health / health policy, and I can’t imagine doing this work without the social sciences background I have.

    Those years enriched my understanding of the world and society in ways that shaped not only my future professional and academic work, but also deeply shaped my development as a person.

    Protect the arts and social sciences. Especially during a global pandemic. The significance of social studies during years of social and political turmoil becomes even clearer.


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