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    I have benefitted from the pilot of eHealth in a limited way. When I was admitted to hospital the second hospital could access blood tests taken previously thus determine the changes that had occurred.

    I have been told that the ‘Do Not Revive Register’ operated by The Austin Hospital is useless if the patient is admitted to a hospital outside the Austin health group, which is a familiar occurence when hospitals are on by-pass.

    As eHealth has been work on for the past 15 years I can’t believe its taking so long the current system was written in 6 months by 29 employees of the Health Insurance Commission. Ah well outside consultants are cheaper and more efficient (sic)

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    ron batagol

    In drawing attention to the importance of having an accurate e-Health Record (accuracy of morphine dosages) Robert Pask highlights the major concern that I have with the whole concept of either opt in or opt out. Now, I fully understand and appreciate the sensitivity of Governments, reflecting consumer concerns over privacy issues around e Health records. However, Whether opt in or opt out, by allowing the consumer to “cherry-pick” which medication records can be excluded from the e Health record the simple fact is that, unless the record is complete, it cannot be fully relied upon. Indeed, under such a system some people with sensitive conditions ­ such as mental illness, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases, or epilepsy ­may obviously choose to omit clinical information, such as aspects of the medication record, which may be considered medically necessary to ensure safe patient care, and, indeed, may even obscure an accurate diagnosis in an emergency situation!

    (Think significant drug interactions between warfarin and some antiretrovirals or warfarin and metronidazole!) Furthermore, It has yet to be decided if it will be clear to other health professionals that clinical information has not been included!

    For all their faults, we wouldn’t dream of selectively omitting vital parts of manual medical records that a clinician or other care has access to, so we shouldn’t contemplate doing so with the E Health Record!

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    Tully Rosen

    Opt-in is clearly a sleeper strategy: I believe you will see a strong push to get mothers and babies to opt-in to E-Health Records, hence building up a critical mass through generational change.

    I work in the NGO (out of scope) mental health (somewhat out of scope) sector. So we don’t expect to be dealing with the tangled web of PCEHR for quite a while. Which is a shame, because referrals between services is where a well-implemented digital record system would really shine.


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