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A proposed new model for public interest journalism

In addition to the options outlined above, Croakey Health Media has developed an innovative proposal for embedding public interest journalism into research projects.

In this model, editorial control rests with Croakey working to an MoU with the research team governing ethics, processes and research integrity. A team from Croakey Health Media would work on the project, taking on different roles throughout its life; for example, as writers, designers and editors (with works of journalism including articles, video, photographs, images, publications and other content), as social media contributors, and as co-authors of academic articles.

The benefit of having a number of the Croakey Health Media team involved is that we all bring different skills and experiences to the work that will value add to the outcomes. Croakey.org would be the media publishing partner, publishing the related works of journalism. These would also be available for publishing on the project website and newsletters etc, and Croakey would work proactively to co-publish with other media partners to increase the impact of related works of journalism.

As well as producing works of independent public interest journalism, this model would:

•      Develop new knowledge about the theory and practice of research translation and impact

•      Develop new knowledge about the theory and practice of social journalism and public interest journalism

•      Assist the research team to develop new knowledge

•      Provide significant works of journalism on matters of public interest relating to the
research context, questions and outcomes

•      Contribute usefully to research processes and outcomes while maintaining editorial independence

•      Develop new models to sustain public interest journalism at a time of crisis.

This model is NOT providing public relations or communications services.

Download the document here.


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