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    Mark Lock

    Thanks for a great article Amie and Marie. As always, it’s great to read Croakey articles because they provide an independent voice to the mainstream media. Croakey provides a culturally safe platform for independent views and alternative discourse about healthcare.

    My research revealed how frontline clinicians – mostly nurses – are ruled-out of healthcare governance policy through: definitions of governance excluding nurses, decision-making dominated by medical professionals, employee engagement surveys ignoring nurses perspectives, the complexity of the levels of governance in health (nurses messages get lost), employee engagement strategies developed without nurses, definitions of clinician engagement focus on medical professionals, and always having medical professionals lead clinician engagement strategies. See:

    As you say, nurses number nearly 400,000 and that means a fantastic amount of talent, experience, education, and intellect and care that is being excluded from healthcare policy debate. Your voices should be heard!


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