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    My comment is in regard to the so-called ‘Health’ reforms and access to ‘Health’ care.
    Firstly Aboriginal people (whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 6 years) have been misled by ‘white society’s’ Public Relations (PR) spin for a couple of hundred years now and if we (all people) are not careful it will be another couple.

    The word ‘health’ is about our body’s natural system of maintenance, called our Immune system, which goes about it’s daily routine of repair and maintenance.
    The term ‘Health’ is used by the PR mob to make it sound as though they are concerned with our well-being. The word they should be using is ‘Sickness’ (but this doesn’t have a ‘nice’ ring to it) and the reason for using that word is because doctors/clinics and hospitals ‘take care’ of our sickness, not our Health.
    Our health issues are based on; what we eat, how much exercise we get, how much sunlight we get, and how many drugs/toxins/poisons (I’m talking about cigarettes, alcohol, cigarettes and gunja here, call them what you like) we take daily into our bodies.
    Aboriginal ancestors rarely used alcohol or drugs (usually for ceremonial reasons), certainly not the abuse of them like Aboriginal people (and not only kids) do today …
    It’s time Aboriginal spokespeople addressed the issues at hand.
    1. Stop poisoning the body.
    2. Eat a healthy balanced diet, get plenty of exercise and fresh air.
    And it won’t be necessary to have to any ‘health services’ (except for accidents).

    At this point I wish to state that I am for the establishment of drinking establishments for Aboriginal people, the same as for the rest of Australia, with the same rules applied to responsible drinking. Also the establishment of properly delivered, good fresh food supply to all communities especially remote ones.

    Why aren’t there any Aboriginal ‘health’ centres for treatment of Aboriginal people (and others) using Aboriginal bush medicines? They were used for a few thousand years before and were very effective.
    Why isn’t the collecting and usage of Bush medicines still taught in every Aboriginal community? And for that matter in schools and Universities.
    Don’t fall for the spin that the medical system’s PR mob give you about their ‘magic pills’ to cure everything, it’s a myth.
    Maintaining good health is all about respecting the body (our temple) and doing what is good for it … Be strong and Be healthy.


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