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    The persistent problem of suicide prevention in Australia is that it is trapped within a positivist, biomedical bubble. That makes sense, especially for those whose business it is to promote the use of medication to ‘prevent’ suicide. Until such time as we step outside of that bubble, solutions to suicide will continue to elude us. That is because the research evidence is both compelling and overwhelming that suicide is in the vast majority of cases, caused by violence perpetrated against the person rather than any mental illness emanating from within. For example, we know that children exposed to violence by their parents are exponentially more likely to die by suicide than those children not exposed to violence by their parents. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study has shown that children with an ACE Score of 7 or higher are 51 times more likely to die by suicide. Those children who actually make it to adulthood are 30 times more likely to die by suicide.


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