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    Georgina Gartland

    excellent work and article thank you Vanessa. This is deeply concerning, all the more reason First Nations housing to go soley back into First Nations hands- design , build and management. The Commonwealth in particlaur and Northern Territory governments have really set us back decades under flawed designs and ongoing NT Intervention- misleadingly renamed- Stronger [Stolen] Futures.
    Secure and affordabale housing and energy sources are a basic need and human right.
    There are far more sustainable and cheaper energy sources but our Commonwealth continues to deny First Nations town camps this and also deny housing full stop in remote homelands thanks to a polciy which totally excluded First Nations peoples in 2007; In addtion to the Inetrevntion a Sept 2007 MOU denyied new housing on homelands , and denied it in towns under people took out long leases, on what is already their lands. Funds to pay for thes leases comes from the ABA- Aboriginal money. It is all truly appalling. Coercement -assimialtion-neocolonial polciy to get peole off their homelands, freeing them up for mining
    May we please have permission to repulsih this on our webiste @ ? You may be interested in forum in which the latter was also discussed . Thank you

    Titiled: 13 years of failed NT Intervention: First Nations people demand their solutions.
    As facilitator Larissa Behrendt AO said on the night,
    “The Intervention is the worst infraction of human rights we have seen in recent times in relation to Aboriginal people and paved the way for the continuing erosion of rights. Its my honour to be hosting a forum [with] some of the strongest most continuing voices.”
    Full forum of June 19th 2020can be heard at / go to website to read transcripst/ see individual speeches

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      Chips Mackinolty

      Vanessa is fine with giving you permission to reproduce her piece. Chips Mackinolty, Central Australia Academic Health Science Network


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