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    “Where have you gone E. Gough Whitlam? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you.”

    (Apologies to Paul Simon)

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    Steven Grant Haby

    A very good article which clearly articulates some of the the initiatives and reforms of the Whitlam era.

    On the other hand the vile and odious bile masquerading for informed commentary from the likes of Andrew Bolt, Alan Jones and Greg Sherdian on the legacy of Gough Whitlam clearly proves that these three are mere intellectual pygmies in the face of a giant.

    I am sure if Gough was alive today he would have responded in kind with his characteristic wit and intellect.

    Vale Gough.

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    Gough Whitlam was a courageous, intelligent and visionary social democrat who transformed Australia in a mere 3 years before he was removed by a US-backed Coup (see William Blum’s “Rogue State”).

    Resolutely ignored by the Mainstream presstitutes in the welter of current remembrances is that most of the great advances under Gough Whitlam are being reversed or weakened by the Coalition and Labor Right (aka the Lib-Labs or Liberal-Laborals)

    Here is a summary of Whitlam achievements (with roll-back by the pro-war, pro-fossil fuels, anti-environment, US lackey, neoliberal Coalition in cahoots with the pro-war, pro-fossil fuels, anti-environment, US lackey, neoliberal Labor Right (aka the Lib-Labs) in parentheses):

    1. Greater independence from America ( 2,500 child-killing US Marines stationed in Darwin under Labor PM Gillard with more adumbrated by the Coalition plus more joint exercises and nuclear-armed ship visits; when th eUS styas “ju,p” the Lib-Labs cry “How high?” )

    2. No Asian wars (with exception of Whitlam, all post-1990 Oz PMs participated in US Asian Wars associated with deaths from violence or war-imposed deprivation totalling 4.6 million for Iraqi Genocide, 5.5 million for Afghan Genocide, 40 million in total).

    3. Troops home from Vietnam ( all Lib-Lab PMs with the exception of Whitlam sent Oz soldiers to US Asian wars).

    4. Defended Australian sovereignty over Pine Gap (a key reason for the US-backed Dismissal; Pine Gap still secret and key to targeting war criminal US drone strikes from Africa to South Asia).

    5. Defended Australians’ right to know (e.g. over Pine Gap; Lib-Labs are obsessively secretive and have via the latest anti-Terrorism laws criminalized reportage of intelligence abuses).

    6. Famously visited and thence recognized China (according to Wikileaks Labor PM Rudd suggested US war with China and former Labor Opposition leader Kim Beazley offered Australian soldiers in that eventuality; Coalition and Labor Right Sinophobic and Russophobic).

    7. Pro-science (Lib-Labs anti-science, and variously slashed university, ARC, CRC, CSIRO and industry research funds).

    8. Pro-universities and higher education (Hawke Labor Dawkinized and dumbed-down universities through fusion with non-research CAEs; Coalition starving and deregulating higher education, with increased funding of Mickey Mouse private tertiary institutions such as that which gave PM Abbott’s daughter a $60,000 “scholarship”).

    9. Free tertiary education ( reversed by Hawke Labor with introduction of the HECS debt system; Coalition is increasing HECS Debt, interest payment and wealth-based social divide).

    10. Medibank/Medicare for all (Coalition co-payment foreshadows degenertion to a wealth-based US-style health system).

    11. Womens Rights and Equal Pay (under Lib-Labs child care is still not fully tax deductible while negative gearing and lying lobbying costs are).

    12. 1975 Racial Discrimination Act (grossly violated by Lib-Labs for NT Aborigines and the Intervention and by Labor for Afghan refugees and Tamil refugees as well) .

    13. Land Rights for NT Aborigines, specifically the Gurindji (current Lib-Lab pressure for Aborigines to quit traditional land and move to towns for key services).

    14. Suburban services notably sewerage (climate criminal Coalition favours dirty roads over badly needed rail services to outer suburbs).

    15. Family law reforms and no fault divorce (under Lib-Labs forced removal of children from Aboriginal mothers has reached an historic high).

    16. Attempt to buy back the farm from foreign Miners (PM Kevin Rudd was betrayed and removed in a US-approved, foreign Miner-funded and pro-Zionist-led Coup; PM Gillard drafted a toothless Mining Tax; Coalition opposed a Mining Tax).

    17. Welfare for single mothers (Labor PM Gillard drastically cut welfare for single mothers; Coalition has the same callous attitude).

    18. Opportunity for all ( rejected by the neoliberal Lib-Labs).

    19. Engagement with Asia (racist Lib-Lab policy of helping the US in killing Asians and devastating their countries).

    20. White Australian Policy abolished (Lib-Labs have a New White Australia Policy making visas difficult for non-Whites).

    21. Human rights advances especially for Aborigines (gross Lib-Lab human rights abuse in relation to children, refugees, Muslims, subject Asian populations and Indigenous Australians).

    22. Voting age reduced to 18 (Lib-Labs and media presstitutes involved in massive deception of the young e.g. resolutely ignoring Australia’s damage-related Carbon Debt is #1.7 trillion and increasing ar $300 billion per year – all to be paid by the young and future generations ).

    23. Heritage protection e.g. stopping drilling on the Great Barrier Reef (the anti-environment, climate criminal Lib-Labs are devastating forests, ecosystems, and the Great Barrier Reef).

    24. Fostered intellectual debate (now replaced by lying Lib-Lab spin).

    Decent, humane Australians will honor Gough Whitlam’s memory by rejecting the pro-war, pro-fossil fuels, anti-environment, US lackey, neoliberal Coalition and Labor Right (aka the Lib-Labs or Liberal Laborals), vote 1 Green and put the Coalition last.

    The Greens were quite correct to put Gough Whitlam’s picture over their logo – the Greens are the true inheritors of the social humanist Whitlam ethos. The Australian Labor Party (ALP) has become an Alternative Liberal Party, Another LIberal Party, an American Lackey Party and an Anti-science Labor Party.


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