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    I am surprised that the OPC is calling for the Government to adopt what must surely be viewed as conservative recommendations. Voluntary traffic light system? Probably about as effective as a voluntary food hygiene ‘Score on Doors’ system for restaurants. Declare amounts of trans fats? They do that now. The report seems like a missed opportunity to stop messing around and provide a clear, easy to understand system for consumers with varying levels of health literacy (without removing the need for a food literacy campaign targetting high-risk groups). I, for one, am astounded that the number and strength of public health submissions resulted in such meek recommendations. We had the right to expect better than this. I wonder what Trevor Beard would think. The main game is surely food reformulation, and it remains to be seen how these recommended labelling changes might help generate that — if I were the AFGC, I think I’d liken it to being beaten to death with a feather.

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    Voluntary labelling – how weak, how useless !
    Consumer rights nudged to the side.


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