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    Jenny Haines

    All of these areas of health activity are worthy of funding but unfortunately in the big politics of health they don’t have a loud voice, so they miss out, until some controversy, or good fortune comes along, and funding is set aside for these initiatives. Interesting that this article was posted 3 weeks ago and has received so little attention from the bloggers.
    Dental health in particular, what a dreadful situation! Walking into a major Sydney teaching hospital last Friday for a casual nursing shift, I encountered a well dressed lady who said she was looking for the public dental clinic. She told me she lost all her money in one of the recent GFCs, and now relied on public dentistry, and lived in constant pain. She had been waiting for 5 years for some public dental work to be done. She said her GP had suggested that he write her a letter saying that she had a chronic disease, so that she could get the benefit of Medicare under Tony Abbott’s initiative in public dentistry, but she had decided not to go in that direction, and was still waiting. Working recently on a nurse triage line it was common to get calls from people who were in dental pain, and had been so for months, living on pureed or liquified food. Even their pain was not well controlled, often taking pain relief prescribed by dentists or doctors that had no chance of meeting their needs for pain relief. Lawyers do work pro bono. Why not dentists? Better still, bring on Denticare.


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