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    Dr Rhonda Wilson RN

    I don’t understand this big new idea… to my mind it misses the main point entirely, that is, that people with chronic illness are heavy users of nursing services… so why is this policy being linked or outsourced to medical/ GP private services… there are too many missing links… and for chronic mental illness… very little of that care is provided by GP’s…. I think nurses need a stronger voice in the development of managing chronic illness… 🙁

    Time to include nurses… or even better – align chronic health care with the health professionals who are best prepared and most used in caring for people with chronic illness. Time to make space in health policy for nurses to lead chronic health care innovation, strategy and policy. Ask the nurses….

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    John Thompson

    Victorian community health services (CHS) have been providing this service for a number of years. GPs working in teams with allied health, nurses and community/social workers have provided high quality care for those with chronic conditions or out-of-hospital needs.
    As not for profit companies, CHSs have developed responsive programs that provide the tailored patient care that is necessary. Appropriate technology is used to manage the patient journey and to ensure comprehensive data is collected and managed for evaluation of effectiveness. The CHSs have established good working relationships with hospitals and, just as important, the community support agencies in their area that are so necessary. In fact, this is the glaring deficiency of the new policy. Left entirely to GP clinics, it is likely that the critical community support services provided by NGOs, local government, voluntary bodies, etc. will not be incorporated in the care regime.
    Finally, the CHSs provide a real medical home with many of the necessary services provided to clients in their own home.
    However, I have to admit that the CHSs model does not include two important provisions of the government’s proposed model. The CHSs do not receive bundled Commonwealth Government payments for the care plans – but they should. And they do not receive extra government funding for training – but they should.


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